Monday, November 25, 2013

Not writing, just posting.

Attended a writers' conference all day Saturday and picked up several hints.
Major hint: You must write if you consider yourself a writer.

That's the rub right there. The writing. And writing is not editing. It doesn't count as writing to revise the opening paragraph twenty times. Write first. Only when the writing is finished, edit.

Characters aren't enough. You need a plot.

Kill Your Darlings.

If the genre you want to use doesn't exist, invent it.

William Zinsser, Natalie Goldberg and Stephen King have the best books on writing/editing.

I knew all that.

But I didn't really understand the role of the great seducer - Social Media.

Time spent on social media doesn't count as writing time. The use of social media should be the equivalent of a coffee break. Short, sweet, up-to-date. Three times a day. Too many minutes spent chatting up other authors, promoting your blog, your book, your life just isn't writing.

So I bought the book The Coffee Break Guide to Social Media for Writers.
Alas, I'll probably be reading that this afternoon instead of putting my fingers on the keys. So little time, so many excuses.



  1. Bring that book to the next Delinquent Writers Kaffe Klatsch, Sheila . . . maybe THAT will kickstart us!

  2. I will for sure. Gratitude for being a delinquent with you.